Sandy Valley Robotics Park

Sandy Valley is a region in the Middle East that serves as a universal center for Robotics, innovation and entrepreneurship. Located in the Sultanate of Oman in Muscat It is named for its location relative to the middle east more properly, for the sand and the valley respectively.

There are numerous technology-science park exists in the world. Sandy Valley Robotics park is the first robotics park in the Middle East and therefore it is a pride for the Sultanate of Oman. The first phase is spread around 864 acres of stunning land in the hills. Park is a community of and for people who seek to invent the robotics future. Sandy Valley Robotics park promotes research, and innovative companies in their R&D pursuits by providing modern facilities in a beautiful natural landscape, offering sustainable technology programs.


Sandy Valley robotics park is also aim to bring together people who assist the developers of robotics to bring their work to commercial fruition. This will enable interaction of groups of academic and research institutions and groups of industries and financial institutions to work in harmony to evolve robotics starting from inventions.


Innovative Robots

Research and Development

R&D Now and the Future

The Research and Development Center was created to give public and private entities, that are engaged in research and development of robot/automation technologies, a location to conduct these activities.

Robotics Training

The RoboticsTraining Center is where we conduct several of our state-of-the-art training classes in the latest Robotics-automation processes and equipment. Our trainees receive "hands-on" experience within our training sessions, familiarizing them with the latest equipment being used by world renowned industries.


Sandy Valley Robotics Park, Muscat, Oman, an autonomous entity promoted by the Government of Oman, is World’s first Robotics park and among the largest Robotics parks in the world today. Spread over 40 million square meters of land. Sandy Valley invest in companies around 45.5 billion USD. Innovators can apply for their projects.

New companies welcome

Innovation &Investment

Land Lease

In the Land lease business model, the entire land is owned by the Gov. of Oman, Sandy Valley Robotics Park which is leased out to clients for 50 years based on the prevailing market value of the land. The client could then bring in the required infrastructure and set up their business on the leased land. If it is appropriate Sandy Valley may invest in the project.

Custom built business model

Sandy Valley Robotics Park would lend the expertise of its engineering teams to erect the infrastructure of the client building based on their approved plan on the land leased to the client for a period of 50 years in the Custom to built business model. Especially beneficial to large companies, the Custom to built business model offers a hassle free experience through a single window clearance board approval of Sandy Valley Robotics Park. The infrastructure will be delivered to client as a ready-to-move-in, plug & play facility. The entire costing will be done upfront and an agreement will be done on the same with the client.

Expected exports

The expected Robotics hardware exports for 2025 shall about 1500 Million USD. Sandy Valley Robotics is envisaged to create a world-class business infrastructure and a research lab in the Robotics Park. Projected with a total investment of 40.5 billion USD in five phases


Sandy Valley Robotics involves development of a hotel tower, robotics shopping mall and the robotics research lab, robotics manufacturing units.  Robotics Park built up area 20 million sq. Meter.


Sandy Valley people are eager to know how things work — and inspired to make them work better.